Ready to own your own car? Let us help you finance up to 80% of your brand new car. We will offer you the best rate so you can drive off with your new car today!

Highly competitive interest rate

  • Fixed rate for 1 year: 7.60% p.a.
  • Fixed rate for 2 years: 8.60% p.a.


Subjects to be changed from time to time.

After the Fixed Period, variable rate will be applied, please see the detail at link.

Equal monthly installment **

  • Fixed Monthly Loan Repayment helps you plan effectively for your finances.

  • Interest rate based on reducing balance.

** Applicable to new loan applications from 16th May, 2022.

Flexible loan tenor

Up to 5 years.

Financing up to 80% appraised value of your new car

Pledge of purchased new car

No additional security required.

Simple and fast turn-around time process

We are here to help you get your approval in as short of time as possible.

Interest amount = (Actual balance  × Number of days of maintaining the actual balance  × Interest rate)/365

Please take note of 2 different rates: fixed and variable interest. After the fixed rate period has ended, the variable rate shall be applied.

Duration  1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th onward
Fixed for 1 year 7.60% p.a. Prime Rate* + 0.99% p.a. Prime Rate* + 1.69% p.a.
Fixed for 2 years 8.6% p.a. Prime Rate* + 0.99% p.a.

The minimum loan tenor must be from 04 years (48 months) and the minimum approved loan  amount must be from VND300 million, otherwise, normal lending rate of HLBVN will be applied.

(*) Prime Rate will be rate promulgated by HLBVN from time to time

Click here for more details on auto rates: HERE.


  • Vietnamese people, from 18 to 65 years old during the loan term.
  • Have stable income as salary, self-employed, house leasing or household.
  • Have family residence book is in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi Central, Binh Duong (Thu Dau Mot, Thuan An, Di An), Dong Nai (Bien Hoa, Trang Bom, Long Thanh) & Long An (Tan An, Can Duoc, Can Giuoc, Duc Hoa).


  • Have proof of legal establishment and operation more than 2 years.
  • Have a stable financial situation, ensuring loan repayment capacity.
  • Have business address in Ho Chi Minh City (excluded Can Gio), Hanoi Central, Binh Duong (Thu Dau Mot, Thuan An, Di An).


  • ID card.
  • Household registration book / KT3 / Temporary residence registration certificate.
  • Certificate for single / marriage status.
  • Proof of income.
  • Documents proving loan purpose.


  • Loan application form.
  • Enterprise legal papers.
  • Proof of income.
  • Documents proving loan purpose.
1 Bao Viet
2 PetroVietnam Insurance (PVI)
4 Liberty
5 BIDV Insurance (BIC)
9 Bao Minh
10 Petrolimex (PJICO)
11 Post & Telecom (PTI)
12 VNI
13 Xuan Thanh
14 Vietinbank Insurance (VBI)
15 Bao Long
16 SGI Hanoi
17 Cathay Vietnam
18 Fubon Insurance
19 Samsung Vina
20 PAC

1) When will you provide the exact interest rate?

Direct Sales staff will share specific interest rates from the beginning.

2) How long does it take to wait for application approval?

Usually it takes us 48 hours after receiving and reviewing you loan applications (this varies case by case).

3) Is there an early repayment fee?

Yes we allows early repayment with a 3% fee applied to the amount paid in advance. This fee is waived from the 4th year onwards.

4) What is the minimum income I need to be approved for a car loan?

You will need a minimum stable income of at least 15 million VND per month.

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